Why is biodiversity important?

Biodiversity¬†is a fundamental part of the Earth’s life support system. It is defined as “variation of life” and supports many basic natural services for humans, such as fresh water, fertile soil and clean air. We must encourage biodiversity, because without it, we and others will…


Growing on rope

To cut down on the amount of manufactured products we use, we have experimented with growing plants on natural fibres and ropes. This acts similarly to air conditioning for the fish tank, as the water is cooled as it trickles down the rope.   Advantages…


Freshwater supplies on Earth

So why is it important to conserve water? Fresh water is an important, finite, natural resource essential for the survival of every eco-system on Earth.   70% of our Planet is covered in water. Oceans account for 97.14% of surface water but water also exists…

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