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Aquaponics is a creative way to teach children about where food comes from. They can document and draw pictures of their fish and  seedlings or even keep a photo diary  as  they grow!


 Whether your house is big or small,  you can all enjoy aquaponics together because it’s educational, fun and feeds you! 

Whether you have it indoors on a windowsill or table or outdoors in your garden, it’s a tactile activity for all ages and abilities.


A REWARD FOR CHILDREN: Kids  can enjoy keeping a pet as well as experience thesatisfaction of  eating their very own home-grown food.

A REWARD FOR PARENTS: The plants are doing a lot of the work for you!  Aquaponic fish tanks are relatively self-cleaning, so don’t require you to clean  them out all the time (or you having to spend time nagging the kids to clean them out) like regular fish tanks do.

soe show ap tank




Fish move by creating a wave motion down the length of their body; They contract and relax muscles from head to tail,this sends them side to side and creates waves. The waves create thrust and this propels the fish forward.

1) Fish have been on our Earth since before dinosaurs! – Scientists believe fish to have been on Earth around 450 million years.

2) Fish have schools too! When fish group together, it is called a school, but unlike yours, fish schools can have millions of fish in them.

3) Fish use their eyes and lateral lines (the lines that run horizontally across the side of their bodies from head to tail) to sense other fish to make sure they stay in their schools, and also to sense predators, so they can stay away from them. Some fish such as herrings communicate by farting!

4) Starfish and Jellyfisharen’t actually fish:

Starfish are echinoderms, a type of invertebrate noted for their symmetry  and Jellyfish are gelatinous zooplankton, when grouped together, are called ‘blooms’.

5) Sharks are the only fish that have eyelids. The LARGEST extant (living) fish species in the world are the whale sharks, which are said to grow up to 14meters (46foot / one and a half buses) and way up to 30tonnes.

Surprisingly  though, their diets mainly consist of plankton such as krill and algae- proof that eating your greens can help you grow big and strong!



  When food is fresh, it is better for you. Eating home-grown food, means you are getting more of the things your body needs to be healthy and happy.

1) Strawberries are the only fruit to have their seeds grow on the outside of their skin. our first ap strawberries

2) Pumpkins are a fruit, and their name comes from the Greek word Pepon meaning ‘Large Melon’

3) Eating garlic helps protect you against flu, and might help protect you against vampires!

4) Eating food which is high in Vitamin C, such as Oranges, Peppers and Broccoli will help cuts to heal faster.

5) The smelliest fruit known to man is the Durian, found in South East Asia, but apparently it tastes quite nice…