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Aquaponic Life is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company. We chose to become a Social Enterprise because we believe in maximising improvements for  human, animal and environmental well-being, rather than maximising profits at the cost of the eco-system we depend upon. We understand the importance and urgency of creating a sustainable future.


Exactly as it is  within aquaponics, the overall idea of what we do within the community, is to create a resilient environment, which generates more beneficial outputs from fewer inputs.


With the profits made from the courses and products that you enjoy, we are able to reinvest them back into the community by offering discounted courses to those on low incomes, and building ‘living’ food banks where people can come and eat nutritious aquaponic food!


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Since 2012, we have been designing aquaponics systems to help make healthy food accessible to  families and communities. We believe everyone should have equal access to nutritious food, and so came up with the idea of reinvesting our profits to establish ‘living’ food banks.


Having spent the wettest year on record – living in a field under canvas, we are no strangers to nature. Living outdoors we became much more aware of our surroundings, and wanted to help maintain our beautiful environment by becoming more self-sufficient.


We found different ways to efficiently use our waste products as a resource, beginning with small steps such as making bell cloches from bottles. We used reclaimed wood to build the walls of our outdoor ‘living’ kitchen where we grew the freshest herbs and  vegetables – we could pick and add them directly to our meals, which made mealtimes flavourful and delicious! Although it was hard work being continually out in the elements, we thoroughly enjoyed living outside and feeling connected to the real world.


It wasn’t until immersing ourselves in nature, that we realised how far removed our society has become from this natural world in which we have survived from throughout time. We gained a true understanding of how important it is to preserve what we have left, realising the impact even just two people have by living on it, let alone the seven Billion others.


We wanted to share this importance with you, but we knew living outdoors wasn’t the solution for everyone. We wanted to find a way of bringing nature to people instead. Luckily, whilst researching green technologies, we discovered Aztec chinampas and aquaponics, and realised it was the perfect way to bring nature into people’s homes and even their work.


We began designing the first self-cleaning fish tanks in 2012 and then designed a range of other sustainable solutions tailored for the UK climate. In 2013 we established Aquaponic Life with the aim of improving food production for the people and planet combined.


In 2015 we became a Community Interest Company and teamed up with Plumpton college to create the first aquaponics research and training facility in Sussex, and a permanent plot for our living food banks!


We continue to build a network of people connected by a sustainable food supply. Please feel free to join our community online through social media to keep up to date with the latest projects, ideas and opportunities. Our ‘Open Source Design Forum’ is coming soon! Together we will build a sustainable future.


Join our aquaponic community!

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