Why is biodiversity important?

biodiversityBiodiversity is a fundamental part of the Earth's life support system.

It is defined as "variation of life" and supports many basic natural services for humans, such as fresh water, fertile soil and clean air. We must encourage biodiversity, because without it, we and others will not be able to survive. Increasing biodiversity, creates a more resilient eco system, even on a small scale such as an aquaponics tank.          WHATS WRONG WITH MONOCULTURE? Continually producing one crop in an area, e.g. a field is efficient for harvesting. However, being genetically similar, it means the plants are more vulnerable to pests and diseases. To combat this, many commercial farmers poison the plants to repel or kill the insects or diseases. The plants absorb the chemicals, and are eaten by humans, animals and insects. This method of growing also damages the soil structure and composition. Killing insects, especially bees (which pollinate 1/3 of our food), lowers the chances of other crops being pollinated, and has a negative impact on other food supplies too.

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